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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yonder Mountain String Band - 08/30/08 - Main Stage

For me, Yonder Mountain String Band was one of those bands I never got a chance to see for one reason or the other. I’ve had a great interested in them, but there was always something else going on which prevented me from getting to the show. Such is life… One month shy of their tenth year together I finally got the opportunity. That’s the beauty of moe.down. You get to a chance to see those bands you’ve been meaning to catch when they come thru your town.

It was the end of a beautify Saturday of moe.down. The sun was setting and air was beginning to cool; a perfect forecast for the Adirondacks in late August. The band treated us to a rocking set of tunes both old and new. I can honestly say this is one of my best recordings of the weekend. The FOH mix was just perfect. Plus the combination of cardiod microphones with bluegrass music is always a winning combo.

The set started off with Casualty and the Rolling Stones’ No Expectations, a cover they’ve played countless times before. Other standouts for me were If Loving You Is Killing Me…, Troubled Mind and Idaho. By the end of the set YMSB hit their stride and delivered a blistering Snow On The Pines. This one was dedicated to Chad Alexander, a soldier they met in the airport on his way to Iraq. The song, which was included on the first version on Mountain Tracks, has to be my highlight. The heartfelt singing accompanied by some fast pickin’ was executed perfectly. The recording is worth checking out for this song alone.

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