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Friday, August 14, 2009

Fishbone - 08/30/08 - Main Stage

It's after midnight at the Highline Ballroom in New York city. moe. was wrapping up their second night of a five night engagement to open the new venue in 2007. Just as they were sinking into a transient Time Ed we notice more people gathering side stage. There wasn't much warning, just a barely audible chant repeated by rob. "Fishbone...fishbone..." moe. left Fishbone an unsuspecting audience to have their way with. For the next twenty minutes Fishbone hit us with an onslaught of ska rhythm and punk rock, while finding an opportunity for a stage dive or two. It was so intense moe. decided it was too tough of an act to follow and decided that was the end of the show. We never knew what hit us.

At least when Fishbone took the stage at moe.down we had ample warning. Although sometimes forgotten in the discussion, this band was responsible for pioneering the reggae, rap, rock, punk movement (Whatever you want to call it...think Sublime) in the early nineties. But before Sublime was topping the charts Fishbone was playing a packed Wetlands till 4am or later. It has been said by al. that Fishbone was one of the bands moe. aspired to be like as a young, upcoming band. It must have been very humbling to have them play at the .down. I guess one of the best parts about throwing your own festival is you get front row seats for any act you want:

It didn't take long for this unruly irreverent bunch to get the crowd moving. I still can't believe the energy Angelo brings to the stage! He can give anyone a run for their money when riling the crowd onstage in his iconic garb. Fishbone celebrated the beautiful weather in their own way with a killer version of Everyday Sunshine. Ma and Pa was dedicated to all the hopeless hot nuts mother fuckers who let the baby come through and don't know what to do..."Hey ma and pa what the he'll is wrong with y'all?" The band played homage to Sublime with a cover of Date Rape citing "It's so good I wished I wrote it." Premadawnutt and Bonin' In The Boneyard kept the set nice and classy covering subjects like rainbows coming out your ass and, well, I don't think the latter needs explaining.

It was expected that Fishbone would be one act to steal the show and they certainly didn't disappoint. After singing about fat chicks, alcoholics and endorsing Tits and Whiskey for Mayor of moe.ville they ended the set with Party At Ground Zero. I can only imagine what it was like seeing their original lineup packed tightly in the Wetlands twenty years ago. You would be lucky to leave in one piece with the piercing horns, chest thumping low end and airborne band members.

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