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Thursday, August 6, 2009

moe. - 08/29/08 - Main Stage

There is one performance every calendar year for moe. that has the potential to be an absolute smoker: Friday night of the .down. The band gets started much later than any other day of the weekend, they play one two hour set and everyone is juiced by the time it starts. You can feel the excitement every year. More times than not, moe. delivers the goods. Godzilla to open 2006, Wank>Reboob>Cornflake>Rec Chem to open 2005, meat. with Jon Fishman in 2002 and then again with Mike Gordon in 2004 are just a few standout moe.ments. I won’t even get into what went down in 2001, but if you’ve never listened to it what are you doing here?!?! Find it on the archive.org and take it for a spin or better yet get Dr. Stan’s Prescription Volume 2, an officially released master version of the show.

With expectations always high and the adrenaline pumping, moe. took the stage and wasted no time getting down to business. Jumping right into Spaz Medicine was an appropriate selection to start the night before they moved into Blue Jeans Pizza. The BJP was good but it would be hard to top the one performed with Page McConnell on Friday night in 2006.

Following this rob. lethargically comments, “Here we are again…we haven’t played this next song for a couple years.” And just like that they bust out Funky Reuben. A couple years may have been a little bit of an understatement because the last known performance was February 15th, 1992. I mean…it’s only been sixteen years and an estimated 1,552 shows since anyone’s heard a Reuben. Pretty, pretty…pretty good start.

Letter Home followed and is still one of those songs I love to hear at moe.down. “Dog days of summer further on down the road. All the kids keep dancing long after the show…My home, my heart, my best friends.” It really exemplifies the state of mind in Turin on Labor Day. moe. extended the segue nicely into Okayalright with Chuck and al. exchanging leads. I’ll agree they aren’t two heavy hitting songs, but overall they were well played and fit perfectly into this set.

moe.down got it’s first taste of Darkness next, a song off Sticks and Stones released in early 2008. The segue was spot on, while the band awaited the arrival of Bela Fleck. It was almost a given Bela would be the first guest of the weekend welcomed to the stage. He kept the improv going and practically led the band into Shoot First. I’ve never been a huge fan of the song, but this version is stellar. Between Chuck’s slide guitar work and Bela filling the space on banjo it was incredible and probably the longest version I’ve ever heard, in the best possible way.

Playfully teasing Bathtub Gin as Bela left the stage, the segues continued into The Road. “Time, time keeps rollin’ on, I think I got one comin’ on, and I’ve got to get away from here, I gotta get back to the Road.” It’s always been a favorite of mine. One reason is because it lends itself to some great jamming. This jam lead us right into Rebubula. Looking at the stats, it’s confirmed to be the first Road>Rebubula. Pretty amazing considering Reboob is one of most played moe. songs.

The end was near, but not before a 22 minute Boob. Blah, blah, blah…al.nouncements...wait…what? Tonight Jon Merin turns 250! That’s right Jon saw his 250th show tonight. Shame on you if you don’t know The Merin is by now. His FOB recording probably smokes mine. Keep handling that tape machine :-) It’s much more important than Vinnie and his life partner Glenn winning the golf tournament, hehe. GIVE US SOME MOE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were finger lickin’ the scary chicken as Sensory Deprivation Bank ended the show and sent us to reel into the night. I will say leaving the show I wasn’t blown away, but listening back, it has all the makings of a great set. It has to grow on you. It’s not 08/31/01 but this set deserves some respect.

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