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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Bridge - 08/31/08 - Beer Tent

There was a Rolling Stone article published in April 2008 that proclaimed Baltimore to have the best music scene in the country. I don’t think I was the only person scratching my head at that one. It’s not that I have anything bad to say about the Baltimore music scene; in fact I frequent many venues in the area like Sonar and Rams Head Live, but to declare it as the best is a pretty bold statement. The article points out how much of the scene in Baltimore may go unnoticed nationally because of the underground nature of punk and hip hop that thrive in the area.

One band from Baltimore that has branched out of the area is The Bridge. After this article was written and their performance at moe.down, The Bridge released their third album titled Blind Man’s Hill. Like most grass root efforts, The Band has built up a solid fan base by touring relentlessly and getting their music out there. They have brought a brand of bluesy rock to the appropriate audiences and continue to have success because of it.

The Bridge wrapped up a busy month of touring that included opening for Mike Gordon with a performance at the Beer Tent on Sunday. They showcased some tracks from the new album including Let Me Off This Train and Poison Wine. Although most of my memorable moments included the bluesy rock numbers like Brother Don't, The Bridge still displayed their array of influences throughout the set. Heavy Water, also included on the newest release, was the last tune they played and let the band stretch out and build some intense layers with the blues/funk incorporated. I remember a lot of happy and impressed people leaving the tent after their performance.

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Baltimore is good.