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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Duo - 08/30/08 - Main Stage

Joe Russo must have been paid overtime for moe.down last year. Although he didn’t reach Warren Haynes sit-in status, he was still able to find his way onstage a few times over the weekend. A day after his performance with American Babies, Russo was back at it with his own band. This time, sitting across from his band mate Marco Benevento, the Duo welcomed everyone back to the main stage Saturday afternoon.

The Duo has developed their own sound over the course of their career that started in 2002. Perhaps this uniqueness is attributed to the fact they grew up together. It's a distinguishable looseness that makes them interesting. They have become known as an act that can bring the heat with whoever they share the stage with, but sometimes it's nice to just get some straight up Duo.

Benevento and Russo mixed things up with some shorter numbers like Sunnys, Blood Not Sap and Echo Park while delving into so more eccentric stuff. They can develop a simple beat and manipulate it with just drums and keys into a sonic landscape of sounds crashing into one another. This is most apparent in some of my favorites like Play Pause Stop, Goat! and Scratchitti.

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