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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

POTUSA - 08/31/08 - Main Stage

"THESE ARE THE GOOD TIMES PEOPLE!" or "These are THE GOOD TIMES PEOPLE!" or "THESE ARE the good times people!"

It’d be hard to find a person in their mid to late twenties who hasn’t heard of the Presidents of the United States Of America (POTUSA). Their catchy songs were all over the airwaves in the early nineties. Ah the nineties…The same generation that brought us the peak of grunge and gangster rap. Wedged in between lyrics like, “Come dowsed in mud, soaked in bleach as I want you to be…as a trend, as a friend, as an old memoria.” and “Ain't nuttin but a G thang, baaaaabay! Two loc'ed out niggaz so we're craaaaazay! Death Row is the label that paaaaays me,” POTUSA were finding their own success with “Movin’ to the country…I’m gonna eat a lot of peaches.” They weren’t exactly tackling the same dark issues of the other genres.

Still, POTUSA found their niche and remain just as recognizable as Nirvana or Dr. Dre. They’ve been through a couple breakups but have reappeared of late. In 2004 the band formed their own label called PUSA Inc. and released one album titled Love Everybody. Around the same time the band was granted the rights to their acclaimed first album and re-released a ten year anniversary edition. Their newest album just came out last year.

moe.down has always played host to these “blast from the past” bands, which I’m sure al. is behind. I was expecting some nostalgia, but other than that I didn’t know what to expect. Could they still kick out the jams? It didn’t take long for them to start rockin’ with an awesome Kitty>Superstition> Kitty. Just like they did in the early nineties, the band blew through songs in their catalogue everyone was expecting to hear. Chris Ballew really impressed me as a front man. His voice sounded great, had a great sense of humor and really played to the crowd. To say their set was enjoyable would be an understatement.

And guess what? The newer material they played was just as poppy and listenable as Lump, Peaches, and Dune Buggy. If you liked POTUSA back in the day definitely check them out. You’ll immediately remember why you liked them. Although not as extensive as other bands, they do still make it out on road and are well worth it. Check out Mixed Up S.O.B., Ghosts Are Everywhere, or Rot In The Sun and see for yourself.

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