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Monday, August 24, 2009

Macpodz - 08/31/08 - Beer Tent


I've always believed good things really do come to those who wait. For the Macpodz and the eager fans with their dancin' pants on, the wait was a little longer than expected at the Beer Tent Sunday night. Levon Helm and his band took more than the allotted time to setup and subsequently cut into the Podz first of two sets. It was no matter to this young promising band from Ann Arbor. They still had two sets surrounding moe.'s performance to unleash their self-proclaimed "disco bebop."

So what is "disco bebop?" I think the entire first set served as a good primer, but the real exhibition didn't get underway until the second. The Macpodz wasted no time jumping right into their improvisational, jazz infused set with 89 Miles. This and Give Me The Heat are two of my favorites from the first set. The horns are the first thing that grab you as they take most of the leads, but the rhythm section fills in nicely to form some nice grooves. A "jamband" without a guitar in the mix is a rarity, however it's really unnecessary this this group. The Podz got a lot of hype leading up to this weekend and met those expectations nicely.

The second set was practically a complete segue starting off with a rippin' You Got Me. I gotta admit these guys can groove! I think they definitely won some fans on this night. Unlike some other larger scale festivals, moe.down really gives more attention to up and coming bands like this. With the two stages practically yards from one another, everyone is inclined to migrate to the music. This was the kickoff to the Macpodz east coast tour and continuing in 2009 they expanded in other regions too. They've got my endorsement... Check'em out when they make a stop in your town.

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